Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Performing at this years Woodland Gathering II AUGUST 17TH/18TH
Formed 1982 in Edinburgh by Gordon Sharp and David Clancy
from the remnants of Scottish punk band The Freeze.
They've released work with Midnight Music, World Serpent,
Praxis Records (as Bambule), Bluesanct and most recently
on Editions Mego. They have also collaborated with such
diverse people as Cocteau Twins, Kathy Acker, Alasdair Gray
, Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks/Ministry), Somatic Responses
and Toby Reynolds (Dj Scud/Wasteland.) Hard to categorize,
they work within a fluid experimental framework and have, since
their beginnings, incorporated sampling, musique concrete and
electronics as mainstays alongside their more orthodox
disintegrating rock structures.Gordon Sharp is the only
consistent member of an ever-shifting line-up that still plays live
and releases regularly.

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